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VaishnoG Softwares can provide a complete IT Services for your firm from website designing to SEO, Digital Marketing and beyond. Bring your ideas, and we will translate them into a marketing plan that will deliver results for your brand.

Brand Strategy development is how your company decides to use a brand name. This means that your brand name is going to have to represent your company well, and you're going to have to find ways to make sure that it does. By using your brand name to your advantage, you establish a trust with customers and make marketing much easier.

Your brand name is really what customers use to identify you; when they pick up a product on a shelf or read about your services, your name is the first thing they see. Your brand strategy is your plan for making sure that first impression is the best possible thing for your company. When you your (potential) customers pick up something and see your name, what do they think about it? Do they automatically think, " This must be good; vaishnoG (your brand name) made it", or do they change their minds and put it back on the shelf? Brand Strategy Development is your way of making sure this reaction is a favorable one, not one-of the back-on-the-shelf variety.

So, what can you do to establish trust with your customers? One thing you can do is to work with your target audience to provide the best quality product for them specifically. Understanding your target audience is one of the most important aspect of this, because no amount of quality or advertising is going to help you if you're trying to sell rings to teenagers. Knowing your target audience will help you make sure your brand represents their interests, and represents them well.

A brand name chosen with skill and expertise will achieve lasting market recognition and increase sales with less advertising for your company brand name, product brand names or the brand names for your services.

VaishnoG Softwares creates strategically aligned naming architecture. Brand name architecture is the term used to describe how an organization structures and names the brands within its portfolio.

  1. Monolithic: where the corporate brand name is used on all products and services offered by the company.
  2. Endorsed: where all sub-brand names are linked to the corporate brand name by means of either a verbal or visual endorsement.
  3. Freestanding: where the corporate brand name operates merely as a holding company, and each product or service is indiviually branded with its own brand name for its target market.
Brand name architecture also clarifies and organizes the type, number, relationship and purpose of the brand name. Brand name architecture is not necessarily the organizational structure, but rather the way in which the company would like the marketplace to understand its business breadth and depth. It's how an organization structures and names of the brands within its portfolio. Here are some examples of the three main types of brand names architecture system:

monolithic : Nike
endorsed :Nestle
freestanding :Procter & Gamble

Name Testing

We conduct market research, conduct suveys, interviews and focus groups as part of our name testing process. Our goal is to ensure that names are robustly and thoroughly tested.

We name test product brand name, service brand name and company brand name candidates.

Global Reach for Name Testing

VaishnoG Softwares proprietary process for name testing through online testing, focus groups, interviews and global market analysis. An effective brand strategy is much more than a distinctive corporate logo. It's your company's complete system of messaging targeted at creating an emotional connection with your customers. VaishnoG Softwares will help you create a comprehensive brand strategy that clearly differentiates your business from the competition and drives greater customer identification, loyalty and sales. From concept to realization in logos, print, web design and more, VaishnoG Softwares will help you create an integrated brand that communicates your company's unique personality and products while connecting with your customers' wants and needs.

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